About Tom Power & Italiwalls

Tom Power is the owner and master applicator at Italiwalls. Having built a successful venetian polished plastering industry, and being asked repeatedly by many for lessons, We built Italiwalls Education.

We work with people from all backgrounds, and industries, to train them in learning and mastering the industry and building a successful venetian polished plastering business.

We have free training classes to help give you an insight into the industry, we will show you how to price, how we find our clients and how to install a common finish in the home during these free classes.

These free classes are available to anyone and everyone, Whether you're a stay at home mother looking to get creative and sell artwork online or if you're a builder, plumber, plasterer whatever it might be wanting to offer your clients more, you can learn from us.

Having worked on projects from small residential feature walls to larger scale 5 figure commercial venetian installations Tom knows everything there is to know about being successful in the industry and having a proven track record in helping others do the exact same there is no surprise Italiwalls Education is one of the most popular venetian polished plaster training companies in the UK.

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